• Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the show?

    The show has a running time of approximately 80 minutes.


    Please note, there are no toilets in the facility so we strongly recommend going before you arrive as if you leave the event, you can not re-enter.

    Where is it?

    Whitechapel Underground is the closest station to the show and the venue is walking distance.

    The entrance to the experience is located on Sidney Street, E1 2HH.


    Exact directions from Whitechapel Underground can be found here. Click here for GoogleMaps to plan your journey!


    What happens if I'm late?

    We have a strict policy and can allow no late admissions. You must be at the location by the time stated in your pre-show email or you will not be admitted.


    We are unable to refund anyone who arrives late.


    What should I wear?

    Dress appropriately for standing and walking in the dirty streets of Whitechapel, remember that this is the worst part of London in the 1800’s. We would love you to come dressed in period garb, but please be aware that this is an interactive show. Dressing the part isn’t compulsory, though this is an immersive show and will help you get into character on the night.


    For those wanting to dress the part, please do note that anyone come dressed as "Jack the Ripper" will be refused entry with no refund.

    Can I take photos?

    We do not allow the use of cameras, video cameras or any other electronic equipment that can be used to capture images or footage of the performance. Those seen using their phones may be removed from the show without a refund. There may be an opportunity to take a photo with a member of the cast after the show – though this is not guaranteed.

    Will I have to run during the show?

    Although it will be fast-paced throughout, at no point should there be any running during the show. We strongly advise you not to run, if you do so it is at your own risk.


    Can I buy tickets at the door?

    Limited tickets may be available on the door on the night subject to availability on a first come/first serve basis. We advise customers to call us on 0330 333 8085 on the day ahead of the show to check availability and strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Can I check my coat/bag in somewhere?

    Please be aware there is no official coat check at the entrance and you should only bring with you what you can carry. If you need to check any heavy or bulky items in please advise us as soon as you arrive. We will keep your items in a locked space for free, but we encourage coin donations to Refuge Charity for this service.

    How old do I need to be to book tickets?

    The minimum age is 16. Though far from gratuitous, the experience will feature strong language, themes of a grotesque and sexual nature, scenes of sexual violence and moments of gore. The show will also feature high levels of tension and possible mob & fight scenes. Please ensure you bring ID to receive a beverage in our replica of The Ten Bells pub.


    Those under 18 must inform us on arrival. We operate a challenge 21 policy and you may be asked for ID. This is due to alcohol being offered in the event.

    What role will I have?

    Roles are assigned randomly. You will receive an email with your role 4 days before your visit. If you book within four days, you may miss this. Likewise if the email is sorted into junk. But your role will be on the guest list at the door. You don't need to know any information coming into the experience as this will be supplied to you, just be ready to get involved!


    If you are coming as a group, please ensure you book your tickets together or you may be assigned into different factions. Or email us after booking to inform us you wish to be together.


    Note: Groups of over 5 will be split into separate factions. This is to maintain the immersion and supply a better experience and dynamic.

    Will I have to walk a lot?

    This is an indoor event in a specially created Victorian Whitechapel set. You will be on your feet for the show but you won't be walking any long distances.


    Will I be able to leave the show at any point?

    Once you are in the show you become an integral cog so if you would like to exit the show please make us aware beforehand. As you are a part of the show once you enter there won’t be an opportunity for a toilet break.

    Is there parking?

    Parking is available to pay for via an app. It’s £1.50 per hour or £7.50 for a full day. Motorcycles & bikes are free of charge as long as they don’t obstruct a parking bay. Further information can be found here.

    What if I have light or hearing sensitivities or a heart condition?

    The decibels in the show are at a safe level, though if you’re sensitive to sounds the show will be loud at various points during the hour so we recommend the use of earplugs.

    If you have light-triggered epilepsy you will still be able to enjoy the full experience, though we require that you email us so we can place you in an appropriate group.

    Anyone suffering from a heart condition should email us prior to booking. 


    What if Im pregnant?

    We do not recommend the experience for heavily pregnant women. For women in early stages of pregnancy we advise that you please be cautious and advise a member of the team upon arrival.


    What if I suffer from claustrophobia?

    This experience is not suitable for anyone suffering from extreme claustrophobia or those who cannot go through narrow or underground spaces. We also do not recommend this experience for anyone suffering extreme nyctophobia*. It is possible to still come to the show, but you should email us prior to booking.


    *extreme or irrational fear of the night or darkness

    Do you have disability access?

    The main space is accessible by wheelchair, however wheelchair users would have a limited experience as we have a custom built town with some narrow doorways and some upstairs spaces.


    If you have any mobility issues and are still keen to come to the show we suggest you contact us directly before booking.


    If you are on crutches/in a moonboot/in a cast/in a sling it is entirely at your own risk if you choose to attend the show.