• Whitechapel

    Suspects, Lunatics and a Leather Apron

  • On the 29th of September 1888, Scotland Yard received a gruesome letter written in red. “Dear boss,” it began. What followed was a gruesome account of a murderer’s plan. A notorious figure who has never been caught. A figure known only by his signature… “Yours truly, Jack the Ripper.


    Step into that night as a citizen of Victorian Whitechapel. The streets you walk are haunted by an unseen man, the people consumed by fear and hysteria.


    After a sell-out run in November 2016, Whitechapel: Suspects, Lunatics and a Leather Apron is back for its second and final run.


    In this experience, you will take on the role of one of the following:


    - ​A member of H-Division’s finest, the police force tasked with catching the killer. The press have made you a joke, the people of Whitechapel hate you, and the killer taunts you from the shadows. It is your job to restore order.


    - A member of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, the protectors of the streets. Led by their incendiary leader, they do what the police will not. The only questions is, how far are you willing to go?


    - An impoverished citizen of Whitechapel, one of the many souls doing what they must to survive these dangerous streets. Remember though, Whitechapel can be a prosperous place. If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you could rule this town…


    Walk the streets of Victorian London and explore the lives of Whitechapel's residents in a time of mistrust, strife and a full-blown media frenzy. Interact with key characters from the time, have a gin at the Ten Bells, or confess your sins at St Botolph's. This production is an hour and a half immersive theatrical experience. Every action and choice you make shapes the world around you.



    But, be careful, everyone is a suspect in 1888…

  • @ApocalypseUK how I loved #Whitechapel1888 which was brilliant, immersive, thrilling and wild. More please from @TheRealBiddle


    Had a fun night out patrolling the smoggy streets ofthe Victorian East End courtesy

    of @ApocalypseUK #Whitechapel1888

    Had a great time at #Whitechapel1888! Wonderful show with a great cast! Defo must see for theatre lovers!

    A fantastic night playing the hired muscle to Mr Mccarthy - just a protector of the streets! #whitechapel1888 #scum